Voltron season 3 Review

So Voltron is firing on all cylinders as it arrives for its third season in very quick successions since the reboots launch. Once again Netflix and Dreamworks are at the helm with the team from Avatar: The Last Airbender. I initially had the concern that the season was being released too quickly, I even missed […]

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Atomic Blonde Review

Atomic Blonde hit exactly as I thought it would, an average movie. I think my problem with that is that it is unsurprising in almost every way. It’s collectively adequate in both its execution and ideas. It is the first directorial effort of David Leitch and this shows, not because it looks terrible, but because […]

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Netflix’s CastleVania is the way video-game adaptations need to be done.

Netflix’s 4 part Castlevania animated series has dropped. Being written by Warren Ellis and directed by Sam Deats, that writer name alone should get comic-book readers excited. Before I delve into why this is the best video-game adaptation in recent years it’s worth noting that this has already been renewed for a second season… a […]

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